I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches. I will meditate on Your precepts and regard Your ways. - Psalm 119:14-15


    This section is not intended to be an exhaustive Bible study on each of these subjects but a summary in plain English of what will be taught in these vital areas.  As members of the Southern Baptist Convention, we also affirm the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).  What follows is an attempt to fill in some of the gaps.


    Welcome to Grace and Truth Community!  As you join us on a Sunday morning, we want you to know what you are in for.  We believe  God loves absolutely everyone, and we also believe that we don’t have to compromise the Bible to believe that.  That is why we called this church Grace and Truth.  Jesus showed us  perfect grace and perfect truth.  We are trying to follow His model.


    You do not have to wear a suit or a dress; however, some of our members do.  So whether you dress up or not, you will be in good company.


    We have a children’s program that does not seek to babysit your kids but to teach them the truths of the Bible in ways they can understand and enjoy.  We normally encourage the parents to keep the kids with them in the service as much as possible because we want to strengthen families—not divide them.  However, it is not reasonable to expect our youngest children to sit still the whole time or to learn much from a sermon.  We provide classes from roughly third grade down to infancy, but parents are always welcome to keep the kids with them in the service whenever they wish.  We like kids around here!


    Our Community Groups are designed to serve people and allow them to serve better by learning the Bible, working in the community and taking care of each others needs whether they be spiritual, physical, or any of the other issues that come up in life.  Some things happen best shoulder to shoulder and other things happen best face to face.  The Community Groups will take care of all the face to face ministry.  We hope that you will check out the available groups and then plug into one as we continue to add more groups one by one.

    We look forward to meeting you and hope it will be soon and often.