Our Staff


Senior Pastor


Dustin “Sonny” Meyers (

Welcome to Grace and Truth!  It is my honor to pastor this local church under the headship of Jesus Christ who is really the One who calls the shots.  My job is simply to take what He has said in the Bible and tell as many people as I can about it so that we can learn to obey and enjoy Him.  When I am not equipping the saints for ministry, I go home to my wife and our ever-growing army of look-alikes.  When time allows, I play around town as a classical guitarist and teach music as well.

Discipleship Pastor

Kevin Rees (

At G&T, we are dedicated growing as Christians together.  This involves a lot of relationships, teaching, learning, and potlucks!  It is my joy in ministry to oversee all this and ensure that people are well taken care of in all the ways the Bible says are vital to our health.  To see all this in action, visit one of our community groups and watch real Christianity in action.  Lives get changed, souls get saved, and as a result, we actually get to interact with God Himself!  What an honor!  It has been great to jump into this ministry with the love of my life, Shellie, and our 5 wonderful kids.  Send me an email and say hi!

Family and Missions Pastor

Bill Reed 

Pastor of Administration

Bill Baldwin (

Grace and Truth is a dynamic, teaching, and growth oriented church that keeps Jesus Christ at its core. Elaine and I have been attending since 2015 and have seen God work in a mighty way to produce souls for Christ and to equip the believers. My role as elder is to help with organization, administration and facilitate a Community Group. Elaine and I have been blessed with three children Ben (35), Andy (33) and Valerie (30). We are both from Ohio and have lived in Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Missouri prior to coming to the Tri-Cities in 2013. I work as a hospital and physician clinic administrator and Elaine is an author/speaker. Hobbies include golf, bowling, and following the Ohio State Buckeyes. Favorite Gospel verse: Romans 10:9-10

Children’s Director

Barbara Meek (

Children are not the church of tomorrow, they are an important part of the church of today!  We want to take Jesus’ command seriously (Matthew 19:14) to take the children seriously, understanding that the Kingdom of God is offered to them here and now.  We seek to support and supplement the biblical teaching and training the kids get at home under their parents, who are the primary teachers.  Kids are always welcome to listen to the sermon with their parents, but if you would like to send them to us, we will joyfully teach them the Gospel in the short time we have with them.  We can’t wait!